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Thank you for considering NEJM Evidence for the publication of your manuscript.

NEJM Evidence seeks to advance clinical trial research and clinical practice by publishing high-quality studies from the front lines of medical research and challenging clinicians to take new approaches to clinical trials that yield more powerful clinical evidence. Our goal is to inform how clinical trials are designed and how evidence is generated. We want to spark debate and conversation in areas of medicine where clinical decisions are made without sufficient evidence. We hope to engage physicians in a more meaningful way with clinical evidence.

The NEJM Evidence Author Center provides informational resources to help guide you through the publication process, including:

Adhering to the rigorous peer-review and quality standards expected from NEJM Group, NEJM Evidence publishes:

  • Original research, clinical trials, and other clinically grounded work (e.g., epidemiology studies, first-in-human trials, meta-analyses) that validates or challenges prior clinical findings.
  • Standard reviews, systematic reviews, and other types that contextualize research findings to accelerate clinical adoption of new evidence.
  • Case studies and reviews of clinical trial methodology that enhance understanding of trial strengths and weaknesses.
  • Curbside consult series that address common patient care issues.
  • Morning Report series solicited case presentation articles that are delivered in a morning report format.

Research article submissions are considered through the NEJM Evidence online submission system. For more information about article submission guidelines, visit Article Types. If you are interested in judging your work’s suitability for NEJM Evidence, or have questions about the journal, please contact us at [email protected].

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